Designing a Sustainable Future Together

Education and Consulting for Sustainable Living

Do you want to liver lighter on the earth?  Be more green?  Learn how to break free from the grind to live more in harmony with the natural world?  I can help!

Classes and Workshops

Since 2010, I have been helping people reach their sustainability goals.  I offer a wide range of classes and workshops (see my course offerings) including

  • Emergency preparedness
  • Food preservation (canning, drying and fermenting)
  • Gardening 101
  • Advanced gardening
  • Permaculture Design
  • Build a Cob Pizza Oven

Here is what some of my students have had to say:

"Love this class, literally changed the course of my life"

"I learned so much in this class!"

"Amber is incredibly knowledgeable, genuine, and confident in the way she lives her everyday life.  I learned not only some of the skills in the practice of permaculture, but about myself and the importance of good work."


Permaculture Design and Consultation Services

I earned my Permaculture Design Certificate in 2014 from Midwest Permaculture and have been offering design services since then.  I do both on-site and over the phone consultations (See some of my projects here).  Currently, I teach the full PDC curriculum through both the Kansas Permaculture Institute (KPI) and the University of Kansas.  I am also a board member of KPI.  Don't know what permaculture is?  Learn more about the design science that can save the world here.


My family and I practice what we preach.  We are building a sustainable, off grid, homestead in Jefferson County, KS where we raise rabbits, goats and chickens.  We also grow most of our own vegetables and are well on our way to providing our own fruit through our growing orchard.  I draw on all of these experiences when I teach or consult.  Don't trust someone trying to tell you to do something they haven't tried themselves!